About me


Doreen Kelly ~ Fiber Artisan Spinner ~ Weaver

I'm a hand spinner & weaver. I've dabbled in most Heritage Arts & Crafts, but my main focus in in Fiber Arts. I like to re-purpose items such as blue jeans and other discarded treasures into beautiful works of art like wall hangings, shawls, scarves, and bags.


I was clearly born in the wrong century. Heritage craftsmanship comes very easy for me, like I've experienced it in a past life. My inspiration, style, and love of weaving comes from my fascination with early American pioneers who made do with the few possessions they owned. They lived off the land by using their hands, skill, and determination.


My art pieces hold meaning by telling a story and having a connection to a specific location, or a life changing event. 

Contact me for custom commissions using your memorable fabrics, so I can turn them into an art piece keepsake.